Dr. Ahimsa Porter Sumchai

Doctor writes "treat your spine like strand of pearls"

SAN FRANCISCO -- Spine researcher and sports medicine specialist Dr. Ahimsa Porter Sumchai waxes poetic about the spine in her new book The 21st Century Upright Woman (Lambert Academic Publishing).   "The human spine is like a precious strand of pearls linked together by ligaments, muscles and connective tissues."

She traced the importance of the spine to the first humans to walk upright, beginning with a 2010 lecture here, and expanded the theme in the book.

"Occupational injury, strain and sports overuse, morbid obesity, poor posture and spinal malalignments, extended sitting, standing, sedentary lifestyles and poor nutrition contribute to the disabling impact of this most ancient- most common- most human malady," said Porter Sumchai.

     "A mounting body of credible and irrefutable evidence supports the simple role of weight loss, lifestyle change, occupational impact mitigation and exercise in the treatment and prevention of chronic low back pain," she adds.