Co-founder John William Templeton on Marcus Garvey Day with Black News Channel

The 18th annual National Black Business Month theme is Pandemic to Prosperity, the title of our 18th State of Black Business report. The Co-Founders rate all 50 states on the Ten Key Factors for Black Business Success with our Black Business Affinity Index in order to encourage more effective public policy by local, state and federal agencies to meet Our10Plan: the African-American economic strategy

My soul feels free to travel for the welfare of my fellow creatures both here and hereafter.

Paul Cuffe, 1813
Co-Founder John William Templeton
Co-Founder John William Templeton

The executive producer of ReUNION: Education-Arts-Heritage, the African-American children’s educational channel, is a noted historian of the Black experience, here with Smithsonian Secretary Dr. Lonnie Bunch, left, at the California African-American Museum