31 Ways 31 Days national partner


The 20th annual Journal of Black Innovation National Black Business Month engages with international partners across the Diaspora to lower the historic barriers which have kept parties across the world in poverty.    As experts on the 47 million African-American population, its history and economy; we offer direct access to the talent, markets and untapped potential that the likes of Paul Cuffee, Dr. W.E.B. DuBois, Marcus Garvey and Kwame Nkrumah foresaw.   Our team includes participants in the 1967 Khartoum meeting that created the Mobilization Committee for the Liberation of Southern Africa and organizations that fostered African and Caribbean independence from colonialism through the creation of the United Nations.



With Central Brooklyn EDC Executive Director LaShawn Allen Muhammad in historic Azurest in Sag Harbor, the Hamptons

Because the 20th annual Journal of Black Innovation National Black Business Month ends with the International Day for People of African Descent and includes Marcus Garvey’s birthday on August 17, we have a special mission to create functional financial integration between the Diaspora — one of the objectives of Our10Plan: the African-American economic strategy.

The format of our subscriber campaign is to create daily visits to Black-owned businesses in the 31 industry sectors designated to each day and to present an industry focus during our 7 p.m. nightly video program, which will also feature presentations from government and business leaders across the African Continental Free Trade Agreement and the Caribbean Single Market Economy on how African-Americans can provide goods and services, import products and commodities and exchange intellectual capital across the oceans.

We encourage African and Caribbean nations and firms to begin a year-round process by becoming a 31 Ways 31 Days national partner:

Benefits include:  high profile exposure to hundreds of African-American member based organizations, elected and administrative officials

Year-round engagement through the scientific and technical programs of the Dr. T. Nathaniel Burbridge Center for Inclusive Innovation

A national license for ReUNION: Education-Arts-Heritage instructional channel for learners of African descent

Distribution of your domestic educational content to international audiences to further understanding of your people and country

Year-round access for meetings and office space in the Leidesdorff Landing Global Trade Center in San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf

a national edition of Black Money Worldwide daily newspaper as the economic paper of record for the Diaspora

Organization of trade missions with participating African-American groups and arranging diplomatic visits to African-American communities away from Washington and New York