The high end burgers of Fuddruckers are now the nationwide domain of 40-year-old Nicholas Perkins, who has plans to add hundreds of new franchises. He’s the first African-American to own a nationwide hamburger chain, providing options for economic development that transforms neighborhoods. Perkins began by offering food services at HBCUs. His hero is A.G.Gaston, and accordingly his company is Black Titan Investments

Keba Konte has turned a hobby into the largest Black-owned manufacturer in Oakland with Red Bay Coffee, creating a model for Black food as a job creator that stabilizes neighborhoods. Konte is shpping directly from African growers, boosting economies on both continents.

Kristen Pierce is the second generation to tantalize legions of Chicago and Midwest chicken lovers who included a young Barack Obama.  Harold’s Chicken Shack has been around longer than any of the major national chains-70 years.

Black food is one of America’s most enduring industries.  Samuel Fraunces, owner of Fraunces Tavern, the oldest building in Manhattan was chef for Gen. George Washington during the Revolutionary War.   When Washington became president, the Departments of State and War rented his space and Fraunces would run the presidential mansion for Washington’s two terms.

Valerie Goldston leads Gourmet Companies into a future of grwoth with a variety of food services concepts including institutional service and the new Mrs. Winer’s Chicken.


Chef Jernard Wells is one of the food hosts on TV One’s CleoTV.  It is a refreshing break for African-Americans to see the normalcy and creativity of Black life expressed through the kitchen.

Dooky Chase has history in every bite as the restaurant fed the civil rights leaders of the Deep South and endured urban renewal and hurricanes.

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