Black unemployment rise in May BLS report

WASHINGTON —  The May Bureau of Labor Statistics employment status report showed continued stable unemployment at historic lows among African-Americans.

A bounce in the Black unemployment rate from 5.6 to 6.1 percent in May was with the range for the past year.  Total Black employment has fluctuated around 22 million during the period, falling to 21,986,000 during May from 22,051,000 in April.

VOTEBLACKBUSINESS: State of Black Business, 21st Edition notes that Black owned businesses account for five million of those jobs, including 3.8 million self-employed.

Black male unemployment grew to 6.4 percent in May from 5.2 percent in April.   For women, the 5.0 percent rate in April rose to 5.2 percent.

Youth unemployment fell from 18.2 percent in April to 13.9 percent in May as summer hiring picked up.


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