April 18 anniversary of Auto Row victory HOW TO DO EQUITY ‘23 launch


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The Dr. T. Nathaniel Burbridge Center for Inclusive Innovation, a life science magnet designed to increase the number and impact of Black health practitioners opens its 4th annual How to Do Equity eight week series with the anniversary of the United San Francisco Freedom Movement’s greatest victory, the desegregation of the auto industry nationwide on April 18 at 7 p.m. Eastern online and at 181 3nd St. in San Francisco. It will feature discussions with key figures of the movement, including Dr. Oba T’Shaka, Wil Ussery and Tamam Tracy Moncur anf a new edition of the documentary BLACKWOMANCOMING “ They Scared of Mary Helen Rogers” Weekly programs include the Memorial Day BLACKFLORIDA500 Retreatin America Beach, FL May 29.