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BLACKWOMANCOMING: They Scared of Mary Helen Rogers, producer John William Templeton previews with Larry Chew

BMWORLDWIDE— San Francisco – Filmmaker John William Templeton discusses BLACKWOMANCOMING: They Scared of Mary Helen Rogers on In Real Time with Larry Chew at 9:30 a.m. on KPOOFM 89.5; KPOO.com.

Roger was leader of the Western Addition Community Organization, which won the case WACO v. Weaver in 1968; requiring public agencies to provide relocation aid to those displaced by eminent domain. It was followed a month later with the introduction of the Uniform Relocation and Assistance Act which passed in 1971. Rogers also led San Francisco Juneteenth for 30 years as the first large observance outside of Texas.

A native of the Lone Star State, she arrived in San Francisco in 1965 with 12 children and a ninth grade education.

By 1970, she was featured in law school journals.

The film is part of the Chasing Dreams exhibition at the African American Art & Culture Complex, where Templeton has been resident historian for 27 years

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