Chief Technology Officer, City of New York and Director, Joint Security Operations Center

Brooklyn native brings cybersecurity jobs to Brooklyn

Roy L. Clay is key to America’s national security as programmer for the fastest supercomputers at Lawrence Radiation Lab in the 1950s, creating COBOL and FORTRAN at Control Data, programming Hewlett Packard’s first computer, greenlighting Intel, launching the semiconductor industry, and then launching his own manufacturing company, Rod-L Electronics, which sourced its workers from OIC. We launch the 19th annual Journal of Black Innovation National Black Business Month at CBEDC Monday by announcing Matt Fraser, New York City Chief Information Officer, as a 2023 Roy L. Clay Sr. Technology Pinnacle awardee next January 15. He’s one of the reasons New York tops the Black Business Affinity Index. Register for all of the 31 Ways 31 Days at

Matthew C. Fraser is New York City’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the Office of Technology & Innovation (OTI). The Chief Technology Officer coordinates technology-related projects and policy across the City. Under the CTO’s leadership, several technology offices were combined into the Office and Technology & Innovation, and he has put forward a central strategy to bring agility, efficiency, and modernization to the City’s IT infrastructure.

CTO Fraser is committed to democratizing technology. He oversees projects to expand broadband and make City services easier to use for all. CTO Fraser also runs the Joint Security Operations Center (JSOC), which is a new cybersecurity hub that allows city, state, and federal entities to coordinate efforts against cyber threats.

Most recently, CTO Fraser served as Deputy Commissioner for Information Technology at the New York Police Department (NYPD). At NYPD, he oversaw the successful launch of several community-based, crime reduction, and precision policing initiatives, including the NYPD On-Line Reporting Service, allowing members of the public to report low-level crimes.

CTO Fraser has over 17 years of IT experience across government and the private sector. In addition to NYPD, he has worked with the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, the Mayor’s Office, the NYC Department of Buildings, and as a Director of Consulting Services at Gartner.

CTO Fraser is a native New Yorker, born in Brooklyn, NY.