The Technology Promised Land, Oct. 17, Tuesday at 6 p.m. Room 189 College of Engineering, San Jose State University

Unprecedented Black statewide leadership achieved in California

SACRAMENTO — With a month before the November election, Black voters have a shining example of why their votes are significant for our progress in the State of California.

The selection of the only African-American female senator, Sen. Laphonza Butler, to replace the late Sen. Diane Feinstein meant the Golden State now has an unprecedented four Black statewide elected officials, something that has never happened in American history.

Beyond the optics, that means there is an opportunity to shape national policy.   Along with Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond, Secretary of State Dr. Shirley Weber and Controller Malia Cohen, the President of the University of California, Dr. Michael Drake; Secretary of Transportation Toks Omishaikin and Director of Financial Institutions Clothilde Hewlett make life and death decisions.

On Oct. 17, 2023 at 6 p.m. editor John William Templeton cites this accomplishment in his presentation The Technology Promised Land for the Silicon Valley Black Chamber of Commerce at Room 189 College of Engineering, San Jose State University.

The accomplishment stands out despite the chaos of a empty speaker’s seat in the U.S. Congress and geopolitical risks across the world.

One of the objectives of the Journal of Black Innovation National Black Business Month has been the increase of African-Americans in statewide office.

California underscores the stakes in the Louisiana primary today and Virginia elections in November, where similar progress was turned around in 2021 by low turnout.

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