VOTEBLACKBUSINESS: State of Black Business, 21st edition


Roadmap to the 21st Journal of Black Innovation National Black Business Month with the agenda for 31 Ways 31 Days on the path to achieving Our10Plan: the African-American economic strategy; includes Chapter 4: It’s All on the Line with a strategy for defeating the contemporary Confederates. Author John William Templeton has been the opening speaker for the U.S. Black Chambers national conference for the past two years.    He is also a subject matter expert on the abolition movement and African-Americans in the West.  As editor of the San Jose Business Journal, he orchestrated the start of Silicon Valley.  Now as chair of the Central Brooklyn Economic Development Corp., he is bringing that economic development savvy to Black neighborhoods.


Since 2004, has rated American states on the Black Business Affinity Index, causing a growth of 300 percent in the number of African-American entrepreneurs and causing policy changes that have resulted in dramatic new capital available to our firms.  The more progress we make the more opposition we raise so this edition by the Black Encyclopedia, John William Templeton, delineates how to make the case to end taxation without representation through Our10Plan: the African-American economic strategy by 2026.