Come to the Water: Teaching Black History through March 5


12thannual Come to the Water: Teaching Black History

International Decade for Peoples of African Descent

Jan.22 National Register nomination of Third Baptist Church

Jan. 29 National Register nomination of First A.M.E. Zion Church 10 a.m.

Feb. 5 National Register nomination of Bethel A.M.E. Church 10 a.m.

Feb. 12 National Register nomination of Hannibal Lodge No. 12 p.m.

Feb. 15 Black History and Workforce DevelopmentRussell Center for Innovation&Entrepreneurship, Atlantanoon Eastern

Feb. 16 Black History Begins in Florida, Orlando

Feb. 19 Black Resistance through Prophecy: Rev. Henry Highland GarnetBrown Memorial Presbyterian Church, Tuscaloosa, AL

Feb. 21 Robert Russa Moton and the Lincoln Memorial: Black Resistance in Stone,Alabama State University, Huntsville, AL

Feb. 23 BlackWomanComing: They Scared of Mary Helen RogersWestside Community Services, San Francisco

Speakers Wil T.Ussery, former National Chair, CORE, and organizer of the Birmingham Children’s Crusade

Feb.26 Mapping Maya: Forming the Maya Angelou National Historic District

March 5 Defending Black History

Burbridge Center for Inclusive Innovation FebruaryBlack Resistance in Healthcare

Feb.1 National Freedom DayFunding African HealthMario A. Caetano Joao, Minister of Economy and Planning, Angola

Feb. 10 Who Was Tracy Sims? 30 minute film about the 18-year-old who desegregated San Francisco hotels

Feb. 17 Freedom Riders of the Cutting Edge, Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame members Roy Clay Sr.and Dr. Frank Greene

Feb. 24 The King Behind King, Bridges, Chavez and Mandela, LeRoy King in his own words

Upcoming in March and April

Eight week How to Do Equity


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For the 12th year, veteran textbook publisher and educational filmmaker John William Templeton leads the Come to the Water: Teaching Black History seven week experience.  It is a journey he has traversed through his own family and 50 year career.

The wanadu aroo, or history advisor to Al Hajj Dr. Hassimi Oumarou Maiga, Amiru Songhoy of the Songhoy People of West Africa, from whom 75 percent of today’s African Americans are descended, Templeton is author of a trilogy on the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments and creator of the 6,000 site California African American Freedom Trail.

After the Rodney King beating, he published the 1,400 page anthology and teacher guide Our Roots Run Deep:the Black Experience in California, 1500-,Vols. 1-4.

To transform understanding, he begins the experience during the holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and goes through Black American Day, March 5, the anniversary of Crispus Attucks martyrdom as the first American to die for the new nation.

That include his land and sea cruises that illuminate the passage since 1504 and incorporates his Free African Schools professional development.